Monday, February 19, 2007

Diabetes Expert Preaches La Vida Low-Carb

In 2004, Dr. Mary C. Vernon co-authored the book Atkins Diabetes Revolution. Her specialty is working with diabetes patients and introducing them to a low-carb diet that is touted to be highly beneficial.

In December 2006 she became more widely known as she was featured in Men’s Health magazine. It was then that her efforts were brought to the forefront and she is now receiving the recognition earned for being at the forefront of the cutting edge advances being made in diabetes treatment.

According to Dr. Vernon, incorporating a low-carb diet in everyday life is the best way to keep diabetes in check. As she says, “Carbohydrate control is the best way to manage both types of diabetes -- the type with high levels of insulin secretion (usually called Type 2) and the type with no insulin secretion (usually called Type 1). In the case of high insulin secretion, low levels of dietary carbs bring the insulin levels down, which stops your body from storing fat and allows your body to begin to burn fat. This allows your body to begin to return to normal levels of blood sugar.” She has seen tremendous improvement in her patients once they make the change to the low-carb lifestyle.

Dr. Vernon further contends, “Giving [patients] control over their diabetes by giving them the tools to eat in such a way that they require less medication”.

For more information about diabetes and services for diabetics, please visit American Diabetes Services.

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