Monday, July 31, 2006

Vegan Diet may be Better for Diabetics

WebWire - Vegan Diet Tops Traditional Diabetic Diet

George Washington University and the University of Toronto created a research study to compare the diabetic diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association to a traditional vegan diet, free of animal products. The goal was to examine how the diets may reduce the need for drugs in diabetes management, kidney function, cholesterol levels, and weight loss. Of the 99 diabetic participants, half were randomly put on a vegan diet and the other half on the ADA diabetic diet.

After just 22 weeks, positive improvements in both groups were observed, though the vegan diet outscored the ADA diabetic diet in every reported category. The vegan dieters lost almost 50 percent more than the ADA dieters. In addition, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol dropped by 21 percent in the vegan group, compared to just 9 percent in the ADA group.

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