Monday, July 17, 2006

Diabetic Research Funded by Shopping Website

Diabetic Girl Hopes to Fund Cure Through Her Website:

Allie Beatty, the founder and developer of, has been a type I diabetic for over 20 years. She as created to raise monies to fund these organizations doing diabetic related research:

  • American Diabetes Association - mission is to prevent and cure diabetes, and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association funds research, publishes scientific findings, provides information and other services to people with diabetes, their families, health care professionals and the public and advocates for scientific research and for the rights of people with diabetes.
  • Join Lee Now - is the fundraising arm of The Iacocca Foundation. It was developed in response to the discovery made in 2003, when researchers that The Iacocca Foundation had supported for several years made history by reversing and curing type 1 diabetes in mice. The next step is to translate this research to humans, with a price tag of $11.5 million. Join Lee Now has raised over $10 million and the launch of Phase I of clinical trials is $1.5 million shy of potentially curing type I diabetes
Using is as simple as clicking through banner ads that provide coupons, promotions, free shipping or information to hot selling products to shop their affiliates. earns advertising revenues based on the total dollar amount of the purchase. Eighty percent of earnings are donated to nonprofit organizations.

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