Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogs Sniff Out Low Blood Sugar Levels

Dogs in Britain are being trained to warn their diabetic owners when their blood sugar levels drop dangerously low. K-9s are already used to sniff out cancer, drugs and explosives, but this could be groundbreaking for diabetes care.

Dogs' hypersensitive noses are able to identify tiny changes in blood sugar levels which can indicate a hypoglycemic attack. 65% of people surveyed with insulin-dependent diabetes at a hospital in Belfast, Ireland reported their dogs reacting by barking, whining or licking during a hypoglycemic episode.

The Cancer and Bio-Detection Dogs research facility in Southern England currently has 17 rescue dogs undergoing animal training to be paired up with diabetic owners. The facility hopes the research will lead to the invention of an electronic nose to act just like a dog's nose and detect dangerous changes in blood sugar levels.

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