Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pomegranate Juice Helps Diabetic Hearts

Pomegranate Helps Diabetic Hearts

Diabetics have increased risk for atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, which contributes to coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and other circulation problems. Atherosclerosis recently published a study where researchers tested the effects of pomegranate juice on atherosclerosis.

"In most juices, sugars are present in free -- and harmful -- forms," says researcher Michael Aviram, of the Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel, in a news release. "In pomegranate juice, however, the sugars are attached to unique antioxidants, which actually make these sugars protective against atherosclerosis."

After three months, researches found that diabetes who drank pomegranate juice had a lower risk of atherosclerosis . In addition, the pomegranate juice appeared to slow the absorption of unhealthy LDL cholesterol LDL cholesterol by immune cells.

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